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Royalty at sea

Catalogue number 70151

Princess Astrid of Sweden, 1926

Princess Astrid of Sweden (1905-1935) married King Leopold III in 1926 at the age of 21. She is shows here arriving aboard the Fylgia in the port of Anvers. The band is playing on the searchlight platform and there is some confusion amongst the sailors, some cheer with their cap off and others look on, H.Sw.M.S. Fylgia was a cadet training ship.

Verso: "Arrival of Princess Astrid at Anvers, 8th November 1926" in French and in black ink

16.8cm x 11.5cm Matt gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 70098

Princess Astrid at Anvers

The Princess was most appreciated by the Belgian people and she promoted social causes until her death in a car accident in 1935.

13.9cm x 8.8cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 125024

King Frederick VIII of Denmark, 1907

Frederick VIII of Denmark and the Queen leaving the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, a paddle-wheel steamer, during his short reign (1906-1912).

Verso: "The King of Denmark in France, Calais 16 May. The King and Queen coming ashore at Calais" in French

Credit: Meurisse

16.7cm x 12cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 125064

King Frederick IX and family, 1954

King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark with their three girls (left to right Benedikte, Anne-Marie and Margrethe), 1954. Educated at the Royal Danish Naval Academy, he joined the Danish Navy in 1917 and became Commander in 1935 and Rear Admiral in 1946. Along with his father, Frederick encouraged the Danish resistance movement during the war and was imprisoned from 1943 to 1945.

Verso: Postcard with text in Danish sent to an address in Sweden, franked Helsingor 1954

13.5cm x 8.4cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 72009

King Edward VII

From left to right, we have the future King George V, the Duke of Cornwall (later King Edward VIII) and King Edward VII. All part of a long line of navy-oriented British kings.

8cm x 12.2cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 108074

King George V, the navy King

King George V was a through and through navy man. He is shown here with (sitting, left and right) Queen Mary and the Princess Mary, (standing, left to right) Prince Albert,future King George VI, next the Prince of Wales, future King Edward VIII and Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester.

12.7cm x 7.3cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 64036

Naval training for the future kings

As for other future kings, Prince Albert attended the Royal Naval College as a midshipman. he then served on H.M.S. Collingwood from 1913 and saw action during the battle of Jutland.

Verso: Postcard francked 1914

8cm x 12.3cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 107072

King George V leaving a submarine

The King is seen after visiting a K class submarine on 24th June 1917 at Scapa Flow. Note one of the funnel behind the ladder, K class submarines were steam powered.

Verso: “Silver Jubilee year of King George V. The King (who served for many years as an active Naval Officer) mounting a ladder from a submarine during a visit to the Grand Fleet in 1917."

Central Press Photos

19.1cm x 13.9cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 125110

With the fleet

King George V posing for a photograph on board a Royal Navy battleship. It is said that the King was always happy to visit one of his warships.

Verso: "(1918)" in black ink

12.1cm x 7.4cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 78143

Visit to U.S.S. Delaware, 1917

King George shakes hands with Captain Scales, U.S.N. during a visit to U.S.S. Delaware. Admiral Beatty appears to be behind the King with the guard.

13cm x 7.9cm Gelatin silver print


Catalogue number 47095

King George V and Admiral Beatty aboard H.M.S. Barham, 1919

George V and Beatty were friends and Beatty used this friendship to influence decisions concerning naval affairs. Beatty is marked with a cross, with maybe Admiral Evan-Thomas next to him, and the King is behind. Note the three rows of buttons on Beatty's jacket, such was his friendship with the King that he could get away with altering the "King's Uniform".Admiral EvanThomas

Verso: "British Jutland fleet Cherbourg 27 April 1919 Admiral Beatty on board the British battleship H.M.S. "Barham" Souvenir of my visit aboard.

12.7cm x 8cm Gelatin silver print

Catalogue number 38234

King George V with officers and men of a battleship

King George V surrounded by the officers and men of a battleship. We can seen the priest (left of center) the Royal Marine Commander (right of center) and the young Mideshipmen sitting.

14cm x 8.9cm Gelatin silver print